The Divine Miss Milla

Who's Milla Jovovich? Worst question ever, because now I'm forced to reap pure biased opinion about Milla and her Milla-ness, and how fantastical she is. Be warned, I ramble and rave with stars in my eyes the entire time.

As introduced on the « index page, Milla is a international actress, model, fashion designer, and musician. Milla was born in Ukraine, before she moved back and forth between United Kingdom and United States, and finally settled down, only to be discovered at 11 as a model. Milla has starred in movies since then, created and developed a fashion line with a fellow ex-model, and has released her own album; she still dabbles in music, is the face of at least one fashion brand at any given time, as well as married and babied!

... Should I even bother reading this shrine? Absolutely! As much as I go on and on, I do try to bring that grain of salt, so I don't infuriate those who'd like someone who isn't just another fan making terrible websites even though I kind of am myself~


There are currently four sub-pages of this page, which I've divided into six parts: acting, modelling, music, fashion designing, and finally, her at her best – being her.